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Cosmos Coffee Catering: Atmosphere by the Ounce

What we brew…


Our cafe latte is served as a single shot of premium-grade espresso in an 8 oz cup, filled to the brim with steamed milk; add a shot of vanilla or caramel syrup for a pop of flavor. Also available in 12 oz, or with an extra shot.


Espresso, steamed milk and chocolate syrup swirl in a rich fusion of sweetness and dark flavors.


A single or double shot of espresso topped off with hot water for a traditional black-coffee-like experience, without the traditional bitter aftertaste.


A delicate balance between boldness and sweetness, a macchiato is a single shot of espresso served with several teaspoons of steamed milk to enhance the flavor.


The extroverted twin of a traditional latte, the cortado is equal parts espresso and steamed milk, usually served without added flavors.

Manual Brew Bar

Slow brewed black coffee to accurately extract unique flavors of specialty coffee. Methods include: V60 Pour Over, Chemex, Aeropress, etc.

Our Services…

When you want a great cup of coffee, you go to your favorite coffee shop where they brew your preferred roast just the way you like. But what if you are hosting a graduation party or a wedding reception and want to give your guests that same type of experience? Or, what if you’re planning an office party and want to add that unique atmosphere that was missing from last year’s party? You could try to set up a coffee bar yourself, but high-quality equipment is expensive, and even the most dedicated host doesn’t have time to pull a shot of espresso for each guest.

That’s why in the fall of 2016 we opened Cosmos Coffee Catering, a specialty coffee shop that is completely mobile. We can deliver the highest quality coffee and espresso directly to your guests.

Our espresso bar is fully-stocked with all of the ingredients needed to make a great cup of coffee, and we process these ingredients using high-end equipment displayed on a beautifully handcrafted mobile cart. We care about our presentation and we refuse to compromise on the quality of our product. And the best part about our service? We handle the details and interact directly with your guests to provide them with drinks they enjoy, leaving you to focus all of your attention on making your event the best that it can be.


Cosmos Coffee and Espresso Catering will make your wedding the most talked about event of the season. Indoors or outdoors, in a church, a field, a forest, or another unique location, Cosmos Coffee provides an unparalleled level of hospitality to your reception.

We offer customized cup sleeves and a signature drink crafted just for your event, so feel free to add a personal touch to the impeccable taste.

Corporate Events

Everyone works hard. You work harder. You’re in the office before the team is awake, doing what you do better than the guys down the street. And chances are, you’ve got a cup of coffee in your hand.

When it’s time to make a deal, or a killer first impression, Cosmos Coffee provides the subtle flavor of a business meeting gone right. Whether they take their coffee black or with a dash of cream, whether they choose a frothy cappuccino or a craft pourover, your guests will admire your well considered choice when you choose Cosmos Coffee and Espresso Catering. And when you’re ready to celebrate your success, we’ll be there to help your guests have a memorable experience.

Cosmos Coffee; We’re all business™


When a loved one has achieved something noteworthy, take time to enjoy the moment; and don’t just invite friends and family – make the memory unique by inviting atmosphere. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and reunions are all reasons to celebrate. Keep the party going with a delicious hot or cold espresso beverage from Cosmos Coffee and Espresso Catering.

About Us

Our mission at Cosmos is to provide high quality craft coffee and espresso in a portable, elegant, and flexible format. Our coffee bar offers several slow bar brewing methods, as well as a full range of espresso drinks; we also offer a signature drink of your choice, to provide your guests with a personal touch. We source our coffee beans from the highest quality roasteries in the United States, as well as select local sources. We are determined to provide a well-tailored customer experience, to give your event the perfect garnish. Cosmos Coffee Catering was founded by Ethan Hershberger, a master barista and former cafe manager, and managing partner Josiah Wagler. We are based in Wichita, Kansas, and service primarily Central and South-Central Kansas.

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